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The Whitsunday Islands Is The Heart Of The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the 7 wonders of the world and snorkelling is a fantastic way to immerse yourself into this underwater icon.  The reef stretches for 2300 kilometres along the Queensland Coast.  The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is the worlds' largest protected reef system. In the Whitsunday Islands, we are fortunate to have Inner Shelf "Fringing" Reefs which extend from the edge of the islands.  These fringing reefs are home to both hard and soft corals and many varieties of colourful fish and turtles.

Great Barrier Reef Whitsunday Bullet

The Fringing Island Reefs, nestle into the coves and bays of the Islands of the Whitsundays. They are protected from large ocean swells by the Outer Barrier Reef, which helps to protect the soft corals and creates the ideal home for the large variety of marine life.

Whether swimming or snorkelling, another benefit for guests visiting the Whitsundays, is that the reefs are easily accessible from the beaches, which is great for the first time snorkeller.

With the large choice of snorkel locations around the Whitsundays, we can select different locations, based on the prevailing winds and tides.  In the winter months through to November, we tend to have winds coming from the South East.

Snorkel With Fish

Therefore, we would snorkel or swim in locations best protected, for example, Cataran Bay, Stonehaven or Butterfly Bay. If the winds come from the North, we would more to locations such as Mackeral Bay, Saba Bay or Ravens Cove.

All guests will be supplied with a wet suit, mask and snorkel, and be provided with a snorkelling brief by the Crew.  Additional floatation, such as Noodles are available to assist weaker swimmers.  Once in the water the crew will be close by in a tender, to assist guests as required.  Once snorkelling, guests will be amazed at the thousands of fish going about their life and swimming close by.

Snorkel the Whitsunday Islands