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Whitsunday Islands aerial

Join Whitsunday Bullet to discover the Islands and Fringing Coral Reefs of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Whitsundays are part of the Cumberland Group that form the largest group of Coastal Islands on the Australian Coast. The Whitsunday group consists of 22 islands, that were named by Captain Cook on his voyage on the Endeavour in 1770. The islands became islands around 10,000 years ago when the Ice Caps melted and the sea level rose around 100 metres, the exposed mountain tops forming the islands.

Today the islands remain relatively unspoilt, with only eight of the islands having resort style development. The island resorts include Daydream, Hayman, Hamilton, South Molle, Long & Hook. The largest Island, Whitsunday Island only has a viewing platform, signage and a toilet.

The Whitsundays provides fantastic holiday conditions for most of the year, with South Easterly trade breezes and many calm water anchorages nestled among the islands, making day tours or overnight stopovers comfortable.  Whitsunday Bullet is the ideal way to visit Whitehaven Beach and also explore the northern end of the Whitsundays around Hayman and Hook Islands.

The exotic underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is home to more than 1500 species of fish, 400 species of coral and countless other marine life, this is nature as it’s best!

Snorkelling is a truly spiritual experience. Suit up and experience life from the inside of the fish bowl, visit a very special world.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Levy

Please note, there is a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Queensland National Park Levy which is subject to change as per Government legislation. This fee is included in the price of your ticket for Whitsunday Bullet and we will pay the fee directly to the authorities on behalf of our guests!